Arizona governor pushes for opioid-related CME

Arizona governor pushes for opioid-related CME

Two osteopathic addiction specialists explain how primary care physicians can help combat the opioid epidemic.


Addiction specialists say colleagues in primary care receive little education to prepare them to care for patients with substance use disorders, which are life-long health conditions.

Michael Levy, DO, DFASAM, medical director of the Center for Addiction Medicine in Las Vegas, believes CME on pain management will help PCPs:

  • Increase knowledge on safe, effective prescribing
  • Appropriately use and implement state prescription monitoring programs
  • Be aware of clinical presentations of patients who misuse opioids
  • Develop effective treatment strategies for dealing with addiction disorders, including when to refer to addiction specialists
  • Dr. Levy says many physicians have misconceptions about addiction based on a lack of understanding of the disease process.

Michael Levy, DO
“People do not choose to become drug-addicted,” he says. “If you were to look at it from a physical medical perspective, substance abuse disorders would be defined as chronic progressive relapsing diseases of the brain that may be fatal.”

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