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Center for Addiction Medicine’s mission is to help our clients and their family members find hope, strength, and ultimately a successful recovery. Addiction is; a primary, chronic, progressive disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry.

Center for Addiction Medicine looks at addiction as any other disease that needs intervention. Without appropriate treatment and engagements in sober meaningful activities, addiction is progressive and can result in significant consequences and even death.

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The comprehensive treatment model is focused on treating addiction as a disease of the brain. Dr. Levy offers a scientific- and evidence-based practice that is supported by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and that was found to be medically effective and designed to the specific needs of the patient.



At the Center of Addiction Medicine, cutting edge protocols, expert medical and clinical staff, a safe and supportive environment, and a whole person philosophy of recovery are the keys to a successful detoxification. Dr. Levy is a Board-Certified specialist in the management of serious withdrawal symptoms associated with detoxification.


Continuum of Care

With highly experienced and professional staff, the Center for Addiction Medicine offers Detoxification, Intensive Outpatient, and Partial Hospitalization. The goal for an individual’s recovery is to help regain a full, independent quality of life.


Dr. Levy

The Founder and Medical Director of the Center for Addiction Medicine, Dr. Michael S. Levy has dedicated his 36-year medical career to the treatment of alcohol and drug dependencies.

Dr. Levy established the first medical practice in Nevada specializing in Addiction Medicine in 1995. In 1998, he incorporated the Center for Addiction Medicine to provide a full range of medical and therapeutic services

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The practice of Dr. Michael S. Levy was closed effective September 22, 2021.
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