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AddictionHelp.com is the only addiction and mental health website founded by a board-certified addiction specialist, a long-time recovering addict, and a spouse of an addict. We provide reliable information about addiction and recovery to guide addicts and their loved ones to a happier, healthier life.

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Addiction Help Connects You With:

  • Understand why addiction occurs and that it is more complicated that you think.
  • Locate the right medical professional to help you overcome your addiction
  • Develop a time-tested and medically sound addiction recovery plan.

Who’s Behind Addiction Help?

Addiction Help is the brainchild of lifelong addiction recovery advocates.

Michael Moesch

Co-Founder & Digital Strategy

Michael Moesch co-founded Addiction Help and leads the digital strategy, outreach, and public relations team. Michael is a long-time digital entrepreneur passionate about people taking back control of their lives, leading to a meaningful and fresh start.

Jessica Miller is the Content Manager of Addiction Help

Jessica Miller

Content Manager & Lead Writer

Jessica Miller is a USF graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She has written professionally for over a decade and has experienced addiction's pitfalls. Jessica is delighted to support Addiction Help with her knowledge and writing skills.

Let Us Help You Recover

We understand that everyone’s addiction journey is unique.  Our goal is to present you with the best information available to help you get the right addiction treatment for you and your unique needs. We are not only here when you’re seeking rehab but to walk with you every day of your life as a partner in long-term recovery.

Our team of advocates is committed to providing the most up-to-date addiction information and resources tailored toward each person’s specific needs. We want to help you find the best care possible.

Whether the addiction is impacting you, a family member, or a friend, we are here to help you every step of the way. You are not alone in your struggle.

We are here for you!

How Addiction Help Can Assist You

We are a diverse team of recovering addicts, healthcare professionals, and patient advocates. We created Addiction Help to provide the most comprehensive information on addiction and treatment. Our team has helped people battling a wide array of addiction and behavioral health issues.

Call (800) 662-4357 or contact us today to get started on your recovery journey.



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