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For years, Addiction Guide has been a leader in educating the public about the dangers of substance abuse, the need for compassionate treatment, and how to thrive in recovery.

We are excited to announce that has become

This name change reflects our deep commitment to helping individuals and families struggling with addiction and an opportunity to help more people reach successful recovery.

The Vision & Mission provides unbiased and trusted medical information about substance abuse, alcoholism, and other addictions. We believe that education is key in the fight against addiction. Our mission is to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and resources they need to understand and overcome addiction.

Founded by a team of medical professionals, offers a wide range of information on addiction and recovery, including the latest research, treatment options, and support resources. Our team is comprised of experts and specialists who have years of experience working in the field of addiction medicine.

At, we believe that addiction is a disease, and we approach it with the same level of compassion and understanding as any other medical condition. Our website provides detailed information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of addiction, as well as on the latest medications and therapies available.

Remembering Dr. Michael S. Levy, DO

Dr. Michael S. Levy, DO
Dr. Michael S. Levy, DO

For many years, was owned and operated by Dr. Michael S. Levy, DO. Dr. Levy passed away in the fall of 2021.

Dr. Michael Shawn Levy was a pioneering figure in the field of addiction medicine. Throughout his 36-year medical career, Dr. Levy dedicated himself to helping those struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies. He established the first medical practice in Nevada that specialized in addiction medicine in 1995 and went on to found the Center for Addiction Medicine, where he served as Medical Director.

Dr. Levy was highly respected in his field and held several prestigious positions, including Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, President of the Nevada chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Board Certified in Family Medicine by the American Osteopathic Medical Association and consultant to the Nevada State Medical Professional Boards and the State Bar of Nevada.

Growing up in Charleston, West Virginia, Dr. Levy graduated from West Virginia University and later received his Doctor of Osteopathy from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Before his career in medicine, he served in the US Navy.

Dr. Levy’s passing on August 23, 2021, following a brief battle with cancer, was a significant loss to his family, friends, colleagues, and, most of all, his patients, whom he dedicated his life to helping overcome the disease of addiction. He is deeply missed by all who knew him.

Note: Past patients requiring medical records can make requests by emailing [email protected].

Carrying Dr. Levy’s Work Forward

Our Commitment to Dr. Levy’s Legacy lives on through the work of

After speaking with his estate and family, they graciously agreed to allow us to continue his legacy by taking ownership of his previous website and expanding on the resources and services that Dr. Levy had provided.

Getting Help Overcoming Addiction

In addition to our educational resources, also connects with a directory of addiction treatment centers and support groups, making it easy for individuals and families to find the help they need. We also offer access confidential helpline staffed by trained professionals who can provide support and guidance to those in need.

Both of these offerings are connected directly with SAMHSA and

We believe that recovery is possible for everyone, and we are committed to providing the information and resources needed to help individuals and families on their journey to recovery. We are proud of our mission to help those struggling with addiction, and we will continue to work to impact the lives of those affected by this disease positively.

With the new name of, we aim to clarify our goals and serve our audience better. We will continue to provide accurate and up-to-date information on addiction and recovery and connect individuals and families with the resources and support they need to overcome addiction.

We hope that will be a valuable resource for anyone who needs help on their journey to recovery.

Let’s Save Lives Together,


Chris Carberg
Grateful Recovering Addict (2005)
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