Introducing “Lights of Recovery” Podcast with Jessica Miller, a leading platform offering support and resources to individuals battling addiction, is proud to announce the launch of its newest venture, “Lights of Recovery,” a podcast dedicated to illuminating the path of recovery. Hosted by the compassionate and insightful Jessica Miller, known for her impactful work on the Addiction Help podcast, this show promises to be a beacon of hope and inspiration for those on the journey toward healing and wellness.

Lights of Recovery is now the 3rd original series created by the media platform, alongside The Addiction Help Podcast and Victory Over Vices with Dan Hauser.

Introducing “Lights of Recovery”


Jessica Miller is the Editorial Director of
Jessica Miller is the Editorial Director of

Jessica Miller, with her profound empathy and understanding of the challenges faced in recovery, is set to guide listeners through “Lights of Recovery.”

Her approach is deeply influenced by her belief in the power of small beacons of hope during tough times.

The first episode of Lights of Recovery will be released on Wednesday, 11/22/23.

A Vision of Hope and Recovery

The podcast’s central theme is the metaphor of “lantern lights” in darkness – small yet significant beacons of hope that guide individuals through their darkest moments.

This innovative approach shifts the focus from the depths of addiction to the empowering journey of recovery.

In her own words, Jessica describes the essence of the podcast: “Imagine a very dark, empty street and you’re walking alone, but way in the distance, you see this one street lamp, this one lantern burning ahead. That’s what this show represents. It’s just enough to get you through.”

The Format: Illuminating the Journey

“Lights of Recovery” will encompass various segments, including inspiring recovery stories, discussions with mental health professionals, and community interactions.

Jessica emphasizes the unique focus of the show: “There are plenty of shows that dive into how bad things got during addiction. I want to focus on the recovery aspect… on what happens after.”

Building a Community of Support

This video podcast is not just a show; it’s a movement towards a supportive community for those in recovery.

It encourages listeners to engage and share their journeys, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Invitation to Join

“Lights of Recovery” will be accessible on major podcast platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

“Join us in shedding light on the path of recovery,” invites Jessica. “Whether you’re directly affected by addiction or supporting someone who is, this podcast is a ray of hope in the challenging journey towards healing.” invites everyone to listen, subscribe, and be part of this enlightening experience.

More About Lights of Recovery

“Lights of Recovery” is a groundbreaking new podcast hosted by Jessica Miller, known for her impactful work on the Addiction Help Podcast. This show emerges as a beacon of hope in the often dark and challenging journey of recovery from addiction. Drawing inspiration from the metaphor of “lantern lights” on a dark street, this podcast aims to illuminate the path of recovery, offering guidance, inspiration, and a sense of community to those navigating their way back to wellness.

“In every episode, find a lantern light to guide you through.” – Jessica Miller

Join us on “Lights of Recovery” – a video podcast that not only shines a light on the journey through addiction but celebrates the brave steps taken in the world of recovery. Be part of a movement that recognizes each small step towards wellness as a significant triumph. Subscribe and become a part of this illuminating journey.

Chris Carberg, the founder of, expresses his confidence in Jessica’s role: “Jessica is passionate about the recovery community and telling true stories of survival and overcoming the odds. She is the right person for this show, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Who It’s For:

  • Individuals in recovery or seeking to begin their recovery journey
  • Friends and family members of those affected by addiction
  • Mental health professionals and advocates
  • General audience seeking understanding and inspiration from recovery stories

Show’s Unique Appeal

  • Focus on Recovery: Shifting the narrative from the depths of addiction to the possibilities of life post-recovery.
  • Inspirational Real Stories: Highlighting real-life examples of resilience and hope.
  • Practical Guidance: Offering tangible advice and steps for maintaining recovery.
  • Community Connection: Building a supportive community through shared experiences and stories.

Interested in being on the show?

Email: [email protected]

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