Washington D.C. Opioid Rally – Requesting the DOJ to Pursue Sackler & Purdue

Filmmaker Brett Meyer has provided footage to Addiction Guide from the protest event on 12/3/21 in Washington D.C.

The rally was described by organizers in the following way:

RALLY in Washington DC on 12/03/21 to plead with the DOJ to pursue the evidence they already have on the architects of the opioid epidemic – The Sackler Cartel

Join parents and loved ones from all over the country in a RALLY on Friday 12/03/21 11am at the DOJ in Washington DC to call on AG Merrick Garland and Deputy AG Lisa Monaco of the DOJ to act on the evidence they already possess and NOT to bury it as was done in 2007 to prosecute the Sacklers.

Danny Strong (HULU Dopesick showrunner) will be a guest speaker along with others and Beth Macy (Dopesick author) will be there. Recently disclosed discovery documents, as well as thousands of news articles, many books, and documentaries, have exposed beyond any doubt the Sackler involvement in the admitted crimes of Purdue Pharma.

Filmed and Produced by Brett Meyer

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Chris Carberg is a visionary digital entrepreneur, the founder of AddictionHelp.com, and a long-time recovering addict from prescription opioids, sedatives, and alcohol.  Over the past 15 years, Chris has worked as a tireless advocate for addicts and their loved ones while becoming a sought-after digital entrepreneur. Chris is a storyteller and aims to share his story with others in the hopes of helping them achieve their own recovery.

Chris Carberg is the Founder of Addiction HelpWritten by:

Founder & CEO, AddictionHelp.com

Chris Carberg is the Founder and CEO of Addiction Help. Chris battled a serious addiction to prescription drugs (opioids and sedatives) and alcohol, getting clean and sober in 2005. Chris has been a founder in several health-driven internet startups but Addiction Help represents his life's work. He has dedicated his life to helping addicts like himself reach recovery and see their lives and dreams restored.