Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The Center for Addiction Medicine is the first and only private medical practice in the state of Nevada dedicated specifically to the treatment and recovery of substance use disorders.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction “alter[s] the brain’s structure and function, resulting in changes that persist long after drug use has ceased.”  Addiction recovery isn’t just a matter of abstinence; recovery requires long-term, sustained medical treatment to address these changes to the brain and help prevent future relapse.  The NIDA recommends at least three months of treatment including both medication and behavioral therapy.  The Center for Addiction Medicine recommends Intensive Outpatient Treatment for the first eight weeks of treatment, followed by at least four weeks of Outpatient Treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment’s primary focus is on helping patients learn how to function in their daily lives without relapse.  Depending on medical evaluation, Dr. Levy may prescribe medication to mitigate the physical symptoms of withdrawal, or use medications to lessen physical cravings.  Over eight weeks, patients will participate in 24 three-hour group therapy sessions, offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  These therapy sessions are conducted in a judgment-free environment by a licensed substance abuse counselor.  The goal of these sessions is to help patients develop skills to help them deal with stressful emotions without the use of drugs or alcohol.  Patients are taught strategies to deal with urges as they arise, and encouraged to confront their denial and other irrational thought patterns.  Therapy also seeks to address the circumstances in a patient’s life that led them to drug or alcohol abuse, including other mental illnesses, interpersonal conflict, and other medical issues.  All of these factors can and must be addressed in a therapeutic setting to create long-lasting change.

Addiction is a disease that alters a patient’s mind, and it takes time and consistent treatment to fully recover.  Intensive Outpatient Treatment is the first step in this process, using medication and cognitive behavioral therapy to affect long-lasting change in a patient’s life.  For more information about Intensive Outpatient Treatment, or other substance abuse services, contact us today.

The practice of Dr. Michael S. Levy was closed effective September 22, 2021.
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