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The Center for Addiction Medicine is a private medical practice in the state of Nevada dedicated specifically to the treatment and recovery of alcoholism and other drug addictions.

Addiction Rehab

Center for Addiction Medicine focuses on treating clients with dignity, respect and confidentiality, helping individuals reintegrate into society as productive, drug-free individuals. Recovery is a lifelong process. Dr. Levy and his staff are committed to join clients on their personal journey to recovery using groundbreaking drug treatment services, methods, medications, public advocacy, education and research.

Addiction Help & Treatment

Because addiction is a brain disease, the affliction requires medical treatment like any other disease. Center for Addiction Medicine offers a range of treatment options that are medically effective and individualized to the needs of a specific patient.

Comprehensive Substance Abuse Assessment

Expert Witness

IOP Schedule

• Morning IOP: Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
9:00 am – 12:00 pm with Danielle

• Evening IOP: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm with Jane

is dedicated to the Family Group

is dedicated to the Family Group

Upon completion of 8 weeks (or more) of IOP the next steps are:

Outpatient Program (OP): In this level of care the patient is required to attend one group therapy session a week. The patient is required to attend no less than 4 sessions, with the length of stay being determined by the primary counselor and patient.

Aftercare Alumni Group: This group is offered to patients who have completed at least 8 weeks of IOP, demonstrated a commitment to their recovery, and approved by the Medical Director. Patients approved for aftercare are welcome to attend the first hour of the group therapy session.

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The practice of Dr. Michael S. Levy was closed effective September 22, 2021.
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