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Holiday Suicide Prevention and Safety

When The Holidays Aren’t Wonderful

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—until it isn’t. And maybe Christmas has never been your “thing.” Maybe you never celebrated it growing up, or maybe you did, but the memories attached are mostly negative. Even worse, maybe you really loved Christmas, but something else has come along and robbed this holiday of all…

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Man filled with shame

What Does Addiction Feel Like?

“Chris, what does addiction feel like?” Over the past 15 years, many people have asked me to describe what addiction feels like. It’s easy to feel dismissive of questions like this, but the reality is people are asking because, more times than not, they want to understand it. As addicts, we often feel as though…

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Introducing Addiction Help

Why Addiction Help, Why Now? Allow Me to Introduce Myself My name is Chris Carberg, and if you were to do a Google search on me, you’d learn that I’m a great many things. Entrepreneur Copywriter Digital Marketer Actor Screenwriter Playwright Director Film Producer New York Jets Fan Christian Husband Father Son The list goes…

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