Medication Assisted Therapy

The Center for Addiction Medicine is a substance use disorder treatment program with emphasis placed on helping our patients to create successful long-term recovery. Because it is a disease of the brain, addictive disorders may require medical treatment like any other medical condition. The Center for Addiction Medicine provides patients with a variety of medically effective treatment options and develops a custom treatment plan to address the specific needs of each client.

Medication-assisted therapy treats substance use disorders with a combination of counseling and behavioral therapy, along with medications. Evidence shows that a combination of medication and therapy is an effective treatment for opioid use disorders and can also be a useful tool to prevent relapse for people struggling with addiction, and help patients to sustain recovery.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a variety of medications that are effective in medication-assisted therapy. These medications are administered through clinically-driven programs that are custom designed to meet the patient’s unique needs.

Medication-assisted therapy works by normalizing brain chemistry and blocking the euphoric effects of alcohol, opioids, and other drugs. The prescribed medication helps to normalize body functions and reduce physiological cravings without the harmful effects of the abused drug. Medication-assisted therapy bridges both the physiological and behavioral elements that are an integral part of addiction.

Studies on the effectiveness of medication-assisted therapy have found that using medication to treat the physiological cravings associated with addiction helps to prevent overdoses from occurring since even a single use of opioids after detoxification can be fatal. Research also shows that individuals have the highest rates of long-term recovery, and no evidence shows any benefit to stopping medication-assisted therapy.

Medication-assisted therapy has been proven to assist patients in recovery and is the recommended first-line course of treatment for opioid addiction. Studies show that medication-assisted therapy improves a patient’s quality of life and provides the behavioral tools necessary to combat addiction successfully while reducing mortality rates for patients beginning recovery.

To learn more about medication-assisted therapy and how the Center for Addiction Medicine can help you or a loved one overcome addiction, contact us today.


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