Addiction Help Podcast – Episode 5 – John Mulaney & Carrie Fisher

In this episode of the Addiction Help Podcast with Host Dan Hauser and Editorial Director Jessica Miller, we delve into two individuals who have shared their personal struggles with addiction and mental health in unique and impactful ways. We start by discussing John Mulaney’s recent Netflix special, where he opens up about his journey with addiction, including his cocaine problem, intervention, and time in rehab.

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Join us on the Addiction Help Podcast as we explore the stories of two incredible individuals (John Mulaney & the late Carrie Fisher) who have shared their addiction and mental health battles.

Duration: 41 min 45 sec

Mulaney’s special touches on the importance of healthy coping mechanisms in addiction recovery, and he uses humor as his way of coping. We explore the significance of finding healthy outlets that don’t involve drugs or alcohol, and how Mulaney’s approach, though not suitable for everyone, can shed light on different ways of dealing with addiction and recovery.

Next, we shift our focus to the late Carrie Fisher, who was recently honored with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fisher was known for her openness about her mental health struggles and addiction. We discuss her legacy and the impact of her candidness in sharing her journey of sobriety and bipolar disorder. Similar to Mulaney, Fisher used humor to navigate her challenges and became a source of hope and inspiration for others. By leading by example and destigmatizing mental health issues, Fisher demonstrated the courage to be her authentic self and encouraged others to seek help and support.

Throughout the episode, we draw comparisons between Mulaney and Fisher, highlighting the similarities and differences in their approaches to addressing addiction and mental health. We also share our personal thoughts and experiences, discussing how their stories resonate with us and the parts that we relate to. Join us as we explore the power of vulnerability, humor, and authenticity in addressing substance abuse and addiction, and how these individuals have made a lasting impact on the conversation surrounding these important issues.

Listen to the full episode of the Addiction Help Podcast to gain insights from John Mulaney’s Netflix special and the inspiring legacy of Carrie Fisher.

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